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Kriti Outdoor Services

Taxi Branding

Kriti is the one and only authorized agent of Taxi branding in Kolkata. Taxis ply from one end of the city to the other which gives every brand to a wide audience spectrum. In Kolkata everyday nearly 30,000 taxis move around from one corner to the other. As the height of a taxi is more or less meets the eyelevel, there is no chance to miss and its non-stop visibility keeps your brand on top of the mind.

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Volvo Bus Branding

Volvo buses because of its size and shape gives any brand a huge visibility. Since Volvo buses travel long distance from one city to another through the highway, it has penetration both in city, district and in the rural deep.

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Tram Branding

Though Kolkata has become fast paced than past, the slow moving trams haven’t lost its importance. Trams are big and it gives enough space to your brand to speak to its target audience. Another positive side of tram branding is, since it moves slowly it gives ample time for people to read the message you brand wishes to communicate.

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Hoarding & Kiosks

Kriti provides hoardings and kiosks not only in the city but also in the 19 districts of West Bengal. It has hoardings and kiosks in all major places of West Bengal. Kriti’s hoardings come with some serious promises from their side. Since hoardings remain for a long time, it updates the condition of your hoarding by sending you photographs on the backdrop of newspaper dates. Managing the flexes on the hoardings are a big task. It can be damaged by the ‘acts of god’ anytime. Therefore, the company keeps a strict vigil on the conditions and if something is damaged, it immediately replaces the flex material with a new one. You don’t even have to find it out yourself. It will be done without you taking any effort of informing.

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Road Safety Signage

Road signages are essential while you are on a long journey. Kriti has recently worked on road safety signages sponsored by HDFC Bank at Digha and Mandarmani, both popular tourist spots.

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LED Signage

One of the most modern invention in signage, it grabs immediate attention and stand out in the crowd effortlessly. We are just a call away if you wish to know further about LED signage benefits.

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